Monday, 6 July 2020

Landscape Magazine

I've been really enjoying reading Landscape Magazine over the last couple of months- especially as they've swapped out their, sadly lacking, Upcoming Events page to a couple of pages dedicated to their creative readers who have been working on projects throughout lockdown.
I've very luckily had two Stitchscapes pictured in recent months! One was a design in the Reader's page of the March (?) issue, and Bluebell Garden was in the June issue!! So exciting, there is nothing more happy dance inducing than scrolling through a favourite magazine to find your own work peeking out from the pages! These weren't affiliated with Dotty Textiles so it hasn't led to additional sales or anything but I know it's there and that's good enough for me!

I actually subscribed to the magazine at the start of lockdown so that I didn't have to go into the shops to buy it. You could purchase one issue at a time with free postage, but at one point if you subscribed then you also got a really lovely set of Wrendale cake tins (which obviously I needed for the amount of cake we have eaten whilst being at home!) so it just made sense to subscribe. Once a month I now get beautiful images of gardens and outdoor spaces and styled selections of flowers in teacups, or an abundance of strawberries - whatever is in season. It's a really lovely magazine.

Reece and I managed to escape to Ashdown Forest for our own little landscape paradise last week and stayed to watch the sun go down over the horizon.
It's so beautiful up there and we went to one of our favourite carparks which isn't too busy but has a nice little walk and a flat area to sit for picnics, if you don't mind sheep wandering past. This time it was cows though and we did have a moment's mild panic when our path ended up almost in the middle of a heard of cows and young babies. We ended up wading through the gorse and clumps of dried grasses so as to avoid potentially antagonising protective mums.

The sunset was so worth it though!

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