Tuesday, 7 July 2020

How To: Make A Perfect Bullion Knot

I get asked all of the time about bullion knots. I don't mind, I love talking about them and helping other people learn to love them too - they feature heavily in my kits because of their versatility and texture. I use them for edging, for straight flowers, curved flowers, shells and little bobbles on the ground. They are great friends with the french knot and look lovely paired together but I appreciate that other embroiderers and stitchers may not love them as I do and, if you are a beginner, you might possibly be cursing me for including so many in my kits!!

So, I thought it about time that I did something about it. Recently I was emailed by a customer who was working on a kit and had some questions about how to make her bullion knots neater, and requesting tips on how to improve. As I was writing a return email it struck me actually how many tips and tricks and things to consider there are! Whilst I don't want alarm anyone about how long my bullion knot guide is, hopefully it can be used more of a trouble shooter if you are having any issues with your knots. A sort of comprehensive guide into the world of bullions!

I have added this guide to my (very small) 'How To' section on the right hand tab of this blog, or you can reach it here. It discusses the best needles to use, what threads work and threads to look out for, how to actually make a bullion knot (the Dotty Textiles way), some things to watch out for whilst you are creating and a trick if you go a little wrong. Hopefully I will have covered every eventuality but if I haven't, let me know and I'll try and pop a solution in there.

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