Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Winter Rainbow

I've just uploaded some photos from my camera, and found a few images that were taken last week of a gorgeous rainbow outside my studio window. It was really strong, although naturally my camera doesn't pick up on that, or the fact that it was a double rainbow.
I also really like the contrast between the blue-ish sky and the sandy coloured buildings.

It is very strange being back at home (my country residence) as I seem to have brought with me either an ill timed cold, or an allergy to cats/fleas- which is unfortunate as we have now adopted our neighbour's cat.
I also have to go back to sharing a bedroom with a grumpy teenager- always fun- so the nights are much earlier than my customary one in the morning as I am not allowed to disturb anyone in the night.
Still, it is nice to not be constantly cleaning up after other people (that is what the mother is for after all!!) and I get proper meals!!
If only I could somehow combine the best of both worlds.....

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