Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve & Last Minute Presents

Happy Christmas Eve!!! Very excited for the big day tomorrow! Can't wait to give out all of my presents (and hopefully open some of my own) and eat Christmas pudding- always the best bit.
I thought I would share with you some lovely little felt tree decorations which if you are in a rush and have forgotten someone (tut tut), they can be made really easily and quite quickly too.
We are once more borrowing from the genius of the Mollie Makes team (this time from issue number eight), and the pattern is on their website- although the shapes are so easy you could draw them yourself and then they really would be homemade.
First up are a gingerbread man and a reindeer (which I think also looks like a decapitated angel from the back).

 It really couldn't be simpler- all you need is some felt, buttons, stuffing, ribbon and coloured threads. Try experimenting with the colours, nothing stopping you from having a bright orange reindeer or a blue gingerbread man! You could also change around the expressions, use beads for eyes and buttons for noses. How about making lots of gingerbread men and joining their arms together to make a chain of them which you could hang from your mantel piece. Really go mad!

Next up is a bell and a bauble- again really simple, using chain stitch to make lazy daises and lines. I've added beads in the middle of some of my daisies for extra sparkle but you could glue on some glitter or design your own patterns. You could even personalise it by stitching on someone's name- would go down well with the children.

So hopefully everyone is now in the festive mood, I certainly am! A very merry Christmas to you all!!! =D

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