Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crocheted Tin Covers

Remember the other day (or was it yesterday?) when I said that I had plans for the little crochet flowers from Attic24? And that I had been inspired by another project in the attic?....well this is what I have made!!

It is a crocheted tin cover!! Disguise your old tins and turn them into something special and pretty (otherwise known as upcycling!). For those who would like a crack at it, the instructions are here.
I haven't used the exact flowers that I made previously because I didn't want to mix the yarns- the yarn used here is your bog standard acrylic wool stuff which you can get quite cheaply in most places (including pound shops)

Essentially you start with this...

 ...a 6 cm high tuna tin. And end with this...

...a usable, functional, practical, pretty tin!!

I feel a phase coming on...

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