Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hamster Workshop

I had a fantastic day today teaching some of my friends how to make the felt hamsters. The idea was suggested by one of the said friends so I acted on it and am doing a series of workshops to make various things (hamsters, seals, fabric paper, crocheted flowers etc)
Today was hamster day so I got myself fully prepared...

The willing victims of my novice teachings swiftly got down to action with the intricate cutting and stitching of the small parts- some needed more help than others but all did really well on the stitching and cutting front- they aren't particularly easy things to make and you definitely need more than four fingers and a thumb!

It gives me a really nice feeling to be teaching someone a skill or a method of doing things, and seeing the happy and proud faces at the end was lovely...

Here are some close ups of the little felted friends.

I even managed to make one myself during all the teaching time!

I think the next workshop will be how to make fabric paper- could get messy!!

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  1. It was great Beth thank you! (PS I worked out I can sign in via Google to spam your blog mwhaha)