Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mother & Daughter Creativity

Today I was booked by the Mother to teach her some interesting techniques to get her inspired and creative. We started with fabric paper and, as it turned out, didn't need to move on to other skills or techniques as the paper was sufficiently exciting (brought on a veritable flurry of other ideas to keep her going for weeks!). I had another go too- adding gouache paint this time as I hadn't the first time I made it (link to that post here).

Basically, to recap how to make fabric paper, you lay a sheet of muslin on a bin liner (or some other surface glue won't stick to) then brush it with a water/PVA glue mixture. Layer up any flat objects, papers, magazine cuttings, feathers etc and again brush with the mixture (you could add a dab of paint if you wanted extra colour). Finally lay a sheet of white tissue paper over the top, smooth out any air bubbles and brush with more of the mixture (you could add some paint at this stage too if you wanted).

Mum got very creative with her bits and pieces!

Her first one was made into sections so that she can see what the different things look like, and make smaller pieces of art from them. But the second one was much bigger and involved paint and some ribbon stuff.

 My one had some fancy yarns, doilies, lace flowers and a skeleton leaf- I also splashed some paint around and made a bit of a mess on the table (whoops!) I especially like the way the paint has kind of blended and merged colours.

Now all we have to do is leave them in the sun to dry and think about what we are going to do with them once they are dry!!!

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