Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Grandad's Birthday

78 is quite an impressive age to reach, and it has been effortlessly done so by none other than my lovable Grandad. We celebrated by taking him out to Wakehurst Place (you may remember I visited there last year to take photos for my FMP at Brighton- posted here) and the weather was just about with us, holding off the rain for a few hours and giving us some Spring sunshine.
Spring is a lovely time to visit the gardens there- the colours of the flowers are amazing!

We also made some feathered friends, and Grandad shared his big day with them in the form of crumbled chocolate digestives as a birthday treat!

The water gardens were truly gorgeous...

And the daffodils! Oh the daffodils! They were everywhere!
This way...

That way...

And that way too!!..

*Sigh* Gorgeous.

Of course no birthday would be complete without the presents and I have spent several hours working on my Grandad's present-- you may have some inkling of what it could be....

A cushion!!!

The basic design is the same as the one I made for my Gran a few weeks ago, only this time in greens, beige and white to match his living room. And it is already in use- you can just see it poking out from behind him there!!!

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