Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Consolidation Hand In

Ah, hand in day has arrived! Above are all my samples and below are those of Megan Evans.

 She used real rose petals in some of her work!!

These are by Beth Roseveare- lots of black leather work!

Freya Smith- inspired by the texture of bark.

Bella Darbar has really lovely colours all mashed together for this painterly project.

Fadheelah Abdullatif has a lighter, more washy approach, using direct dyes heat transferred onto lightweight fabrics.

Steph Bonner creates intricate pieces with a faggoting technique and cut work.

Rebekah Brocklesby's large chunky knits look great when displayed together.

Nina Willsher does amazing things with laser cut, embossed leathers and plastics.

Gemma Chapman has done some very nostalgic pieces by collaging and stitching details onto old photographs.

Jessica Fellows has gone neon with her fragmented cross stitch inspired pieces.

Victoria de Nobrega has done some lovely cut work and layered applique.

Katy Rickles' bizarre monsters look great with the added bead embellishments.

Stephanie Randall has been doing some very interesting weaving techniques with her printed designs.

Sarah Pearce has reworked some of her photos and digitally printed them, finally encrusting them with glittering rhinestones.

To round things off we have Amber Gargan who has a very vintage feel to her work, and although I shouldn't have favourites, I really love her ribbon flowers.

So there we have it. Second year finished!!

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