Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Holiday Loving

I am loving being on holiday!! Doing all the things I couldn't do before due to uni work- I made the little bird keyring which came with a Mollie Makes magazine several months ago...

Having been watching my grass head grow!!

Went shopping and bought myself some new pyjamas- love the beautiful ribbon around the trousers.

Have redesigned the dogs from Mollie Makes Issue 26. They were finger puppets originally but I wanted to make them into proper dogs, so added legs and changed the body shape slightly. I am planning on making them all and when I've worked any kinks I'll see about putting up the new design so you can make your own.

They are only diddy little things! So cute.

And of course I have been working on my rag rug which is so nearly finished!!

I bought some more fabric yesterday, very cheaply from Fenwick (student discount = love!!) and the great fabric eater has already guzzled most of it so I will have to get some more. So tantalisingly close to finishing!

I really love the colours and the texture of it under your feet, makes all the hard work worthwhile when you can bounce around on it. The little pops of finger knitting add a new bouncy texture too!

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