Monday, 27 May 2013

Little Brambles

My uncle has recently moved into an old fashioned bungalow called Little Brambles. He has been living there for several months but today was the first time I had been round. It is a bit like stepping into another time with very bizarre decorative features, like brown glass lampshades and funnily textured wallpaper studded at irregular intervals with clusters of picture hooks. There are different coloured carpets in nearly every room, a dark green bathroom (with a bath no bigger than a double sink) and built in ornate plastic wardrobes.
The garden, however, was another story, and although quite ramshackle and overgrown, had some really lovely plants and flowers, plus several in-use bird and bee boxes.


There are lots of lovely bits to his garden, so it is kind of like a secret trail with lots of archways leading to different sections.

Can't you just imagine a load of purple wisteria hanging down, providing cool lilac shade in the hot summer??

During the grand tour we found this old wasps nest in his garage- so cleverly made!! (The wasps nest that is, not the garage- although I'm sure that is sturdy enough.)

I really love these steps at the side, especially whilst they are covered in these red flowers!! They almost look like a red carpet welcoming you into the garden.


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