Friday, 17 May 2013

Rag Rug Reveal!!

Saw my first ducklings of the year this afternoon!! They were so cute, although sadly I only had my little camera with me so couldn't zoom in any more. There were seven of the little darlings, all cheeping away to each other and floating around on lily pad boats.

And the big news of today is...I FINISHED MY RUG!!!! As much as I loved doing it, it was slightly dragging on and hurting my hands so I'm relieved and ecstatic at the same time. It feels so cool under my feet and looks lovely by the fireplace. (The blue rug that was there has been moved to the end of my bed so it's not left out.)

I do apologise for the weird colour in these photos, the lighting in this house is dReAdFuL!!! Of course it doesn't help that it is gloomy outside either.

I think the back of the rug is pretty cool too, reminds me of cobbled walkways or mosaics.

So one project is finished, and I think I have found the next one!! I was walking past a charity shop the other day and noticed this basket but decided that I really didn't need one....then regretted not buying it and 'happened' to walk past again today and it was still there!! It's a lovely sturdy basket and was only £5 (= bargain in my opinion!). It seems to have been living in someone's shed as it has cobwebs and fly wings in it so needs a good scrub. I think it will come up nicely though- am trying to decide whether I should paint it before lining, and whether I should line it with crochet or fabric... Thoughts?

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