Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Earth Cakes

Golly! What a busy last week I have had!! There has been barely enough time for sleep, let alone crafting, so this post is about other little bits and bobs that have arrived or been made by others. Like these earth cakes made by Lucy (who was trying to get out of essay writing!). They are flavoured with mixed fruit flavouring and have a mix of green and blue batter. The hearts on top aren't your regular icing either, they have got melted marshmallows combined with icing sugar so they taste more like bubblegum!!

They were very tasty!!

One of The Mother's parcel presents has started to grow!! According to the packet he came in, I will soon be able to start styling his 'hair' which should be fun.

My bedroom has recently been smothered in textile samples, which I will show you in a later post. There has barely been any room to move!

And another parcel from The Mother arrived (quite a while ago now!). The daisy hair clips were made by her and have been worn by me on several occasions. There were other things in the parcel too but the edibles didn't quite make it into the photo.....

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