Saturday, 4 January 2014

Red, Green & Gold ATCs

(By Alison)                                                (By Annie)

Hi Chaps!! Greetings from Leicester. I have spent the entire day unpacking and cleaning and sorting and tidying and organising etc. The journey up on the motorway was a bit traumatic really, we passed about four quite serious car accidents which involved seriously bashed up bits strewn across the road. The visibility was diabolical, it rained the entire way and the spray was even more horrendous- not really a journey I would like to repeat. Gladly everyone in the car made it, both there and back again for The Parents.
On arrival at the house I was struck a) by the freezing temperatures (still no boiler = still no heating!!) and b) suspiciously ATC looking post!! These are the returns for the Red, Green & Gold swap which finished off the monthly colour swap of last year (maybe I should have a colour review coming up?)

(By Wendy)

The Mother has a habit of leaving parcels in my room when I am dropped off at the beginning of term and today was no different. This 'Survival Package' was discovered under my pillow when I was changing my bed!!

Enough cereal to feed an army, plus multiple packets of spotted dick sponge puddings (yummy!!) from my Grandad, jelly packets, hot chocolates, a pair of socks, biscuits and a new toothbrush!! She thinks of everything.

The most important job of today was to hoover. We have had some really bad luck with hoovers in this house and haven't had a working one for several months- which has been taking it's toll on the carpets. Plus I frequently get slugs slime-ing across my floor and still don't know how they get in!! The Parents have very kindly loaned us their hoover (and will be buying themselves a brand new one) and now the entire house is positively gleaming!! Who knew the carpets were a sort of creamy colour?? (Please don't judge the below photo too harshly.)

Much better!!! x


  1. Altogether, your room is looking much better! Thanks for the post. X

  2. I have just looked through your blog. Your crochet is amazing, I stopped at one granny square blanket about 100 years ago. Well done. I'll be interested to see what you do with all your new fabric. Good luck for the new term.