Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Day of Colour

Evening All!!! How's it hanging? I am in a happy mood today as I have finished writing my dissertation and it has all been handed in!! My subject was on the distinction between the social classes of Ancient Rome, relating it to fashion, clothing and colour and ended up being many many pages long!!! Almost book-like in fact. I practically bounced home after the hand in, and upon walking in the front door was quite literally smacked in the the smell of these hyacinths!!! They really do have a potent stink, it's a bit like, BoOm! KaPoW!! ShAzInG!!!

The colour is not quite the deep purple promised by the label stuck into the pot, but lilac will do me just fine. Aren't they pretty?

Colour has been quite a big part of today, I treated myself to an afternoon of making, and decided to have a stab at a quilt, using the jelly roll pattern on Youtube by The Missouri Star Quilt Company (love them, they are great!!!) The pattern is called 'Summer in the Park' and I love how simple it is to do, but how complex it looks when finished!! Some very neat tricks are used for this pattern.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, but look at all of the fab colours I have collected from my jelly rolls!!! (Well, swiss rolls technically) I had to cut the white strips myself from a huge length of white cotton- helped me to get to grips with my new rotary cutter at the same time which is good.

I still find it amazing that some of these strips can be sewn together, then sewn together again, then cut up to turn them into one little square...

...which when grouped with other little squares...

...becomes an even bigger square, which when grouped with other even bigger squares...

...looks spectacular!!! I just had to show you these squares all lined up on the ironing board, wouldn't they make a fab cover? (Oh and do you like my new little Cath Kidston pin pot that the lovely Amy bought for me for Christmas?)

These are what the even bigger squares look like in a giant square, and I will be adding more squares to this before stitching together the whole quilt top. I'm not sure what to do afterwards though, any suggestions?


  1. WOW! The jelly roll strips have worked really well. Did you use all the packs of Swiss rolls you had? The strips look great all ordered across the board by colour and tone. Fab. X

  2. What patience Beth. I keep buying fabric to make a contemporary quilt, but then chicken out. Well done, it looks very neat.