Thursday, 23 January 2014

3 Museums, 1 Day!

Hellloooo out there!! Yesterday myself and Lucy took ourselves on a little trip to the big city. We had a mission to visit three museums in a day so that I could gather research for my university project. We booked a coach to London and had to get up incredibly early (5am!!!!) to get the maximum out of the day. First up, was the British Museum to look at their Greek and Roman things.

The outside is very impressive isn't it?

And the inside!!

Unfortunately for me, there weren't a lot of the Roman artifacts and mosaics that I had been hoping for, so it was on to the next museum-- The Museum of London!

This was much better for Roman things. Gorgeous mosaics and little room mock ups of shops and houses. So interesting! (As was the whole museum!! It takes you through all of the different ages of London- utterly fascinating.)

Finally we hopped back on the tube and headed to the Natural History Museum. This was mainly for Lucy's benefit as she was desperate to see the dinosaurs. Have you ever stopped and really looked at the building itself? The architecture and ornate carvings are incredible!!! Just as amazing as the items, objects and bones that the building houses.

How cute are those baby dinos?

I think this big globe escalator thing is one of my favourite parts of the NHM. Totally awe inspiring watching it loom ever closer!

Having wandered around all three museums, gathering inspiration, research and knowledge, we wearily made our way back towards the coach station, stopping only to have our tea in a quaint pizzeria. Such a long and tiring day, but very much worth it!!

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