Saturday, 18 January 2014

Animal Magic

Afternoon Chaps!!! How are we all? I am pleased to report that the boiler is fixed!!! Heat is coursing through our radiators and the house is slowly beginning to dry out and return to normal, our shiny new boiler humming quietly to itself in the utility room. I have been keeping busy at uni, doing lots of research and drawings for the new project, and trying to catch up on letter writing, other projects and jobs! (I still have to hoover today though.)
The Mother left a package hidden in my room with strict instructions to not open until today, which I adhered to most carefully. This morning though was another matter and the brown paper was ripped away and the lid slowly pulled open to reveal...Animal Magic!! Chocolates(!!), and socks and a gorgeous Scottie dog made by Mum!!! The pattern for this little fella was in one of the Sew and Stitch magazines, although apparently he has been shrunk in size, and fits very well in the palm of my hand.

There was also a very quaint sheep/heart garland which is now hanging down by the side of the fireplace.

One of the projects I have been catching up on is the Sew and Stitch squares. The Mother reminded me that we are due another bundle of magazines in the next few weeks so I though I had better get cracking. Last night I made another bunting one (love bunting!), which has lovely rows of white running stitch under the colourful triangles.

The next one to do is a blanket stitched kite, fluttering around with ribbons on its tail. I'd better get a move on.

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