Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sunflower Mosaic

Hallo blog readers!!! How's it hangin'? What a fabulous day! I had a really lazy lie in in bed this morning, such a luxurious feeling to be snuggled up listening to the birds singing away with just a slither of sunshine sneaking through a gap in the curtains. When I eventually dragged myself out of my little cocoon, I put on a load of washing and nipped into town.
The first purchase of the day (other than a bus ticket) was this lovely pot of Calandiva. Such glorious colours!! I am loving orange at the moment, you might have noticed with the fiery tulip teapot.

Upon my triumphant return from town, the washing was ready to be hung on the line- another love is the smell of freshly washed, line dried washing. You can almost smell the sunshine!!

Town is very exhausting on a Saturday. Especially a hot and sunny Saturday. People just pour into the centre and it gets very cramped and stressful (I am not a city person)- I was glad to be home, settled in a shady spot with my new Mollie Makes and some buttery scones. Funnily enough, I recognised the designer on the front of MM this month. She is a lady I avidly follow on Facebook and I even put her work as an inspiration in my sketchbook for the last project! Her name is Marna Lunt and she makes the most incredible lampshades, as well as a multitude of other bits and bobs. You can catch her on her facebook page, pinterest, twitter, flickr, etsy and instagram!!! (A very clued in lady.)

I decided to take a break from sewing this afternoon and turned my hand to a little mosaic making instead. This kit was one of the items in the latest Mother parcel, although was apparently found for me by Dad. It is to make a sunflower coaster!

Naturally I took everything outside onto my ironing board table and began sticking down the little plastic squares. I was slightly confused by the discrepancies between the photo and the 'ingredients' as all of the tiles are square, yet you would have to chop and trim them to create points and fill in shapes and nothing was provided for this. Luckily I thought of using little wire cutters to just nick the edges of the tiles and break them up- good thing I watched lots of mosaic videos on tile nipping last summer!!

Once all of the tiles were in place, I then had to grout the coaster, wait for it to dry and set, and then gently rub off the excess grout to reveal the pattern once more. Whilst I am doing that, take a peek at another of today's purchases...

Aren't they cute?? Little glass toadstools. And I do mean little.

Ooo, my coaster is ready! Would you like to see?


Once the grout is properly dry I will run over the coaster again with a damp cloth just to clean up any missed grouty bits, but I am chuffed to bits with this!! My first proper mosaic!! And it looks fab with my favourite mug.

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