Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hot Orange

Gorgeous aren't they? My Calandiva has truly come into its own diva-ish ways. A definite pot of KAAAAAPOWWWW(!!!!) on the patio.

My sister has requested a ripple blanket (like the one I made for my brother), but in sunset colours, with lots of orange. I find myself quite wary of the orange colours that you can get with acrylic yarns as the ones stocked in shops are usually quite fluorescent, but I am having a crack at it anyway. Maybe I should use these flowers as inspiration.

I have started off with a kind of orangey pink colour (the picture doesn't do the colour justice I'm afraid) as it is one I already have in my copious collection. The pattern is from Attic24 and is nice and easy to do, rippling along the rows in a smooth rhythm. (Incidentally, Lucy at Attic 24 is working on her own ripple blanket, a seaside inspired one- with a colour palette totally different to the one I am taking on!)

I have now finished the first two colours for this blanket (the second colour is quite peachy). I always find the first colour to be a bit fiddly, fraught with counting and looping through different coloured wools to mark a certain number of stitches, but by the second colour I am flying!

It was very hot this morning. Ziggy was delighted as he hasn't been overly impressed with what the weather has had to offer lately. He always seems to blame us if it rains and mopes around in a strop. But as soon as the sun comes out he simply melts into the patio in gooey delight!

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