Monday, 5 May 2014

Oxford Edges

Hellloooo!!!! Happy May Day!!!
I really hope you aren't getting fed up with my showing you all of my new cushions, but I just get so excited I have to share them with people! It is really lovely to be able to see my fabric samples be created into something, to visualise how they would work in a home rather than just as flat samples that aren't used for anything. (I'm thinking that after my degree I should just make every single sample into a cushion, then they could all pile up and we could jump on top of them ---- I might be slightly sleep deprived, I do apologise.)

Yesterday morning I finished stitching my third cushion, which completes the blue/white/cross stitch set. Do you think they look nice together? I am thrilled with how they turned out.

This cushion brings the previous two together in my opinion. It has the same shape/motif as the printed giant, but is made out of the white mesh vinyl and has the same type of stitches as the square cushion.

On a cushion role, I almost immediately started on my final (planned) cushion. This is aimed to complement the framed pictures I have done, and I have vague intentions of playing with a lampshade design as well.

This one is slightly different to the others as I have experimented with an Oxford edging (with the help of this lady.) There were a few nail biting moments and some of my seams had to be unpicked and tried again because the linen I used moves, most frustratingly, and stretches so you have to kind of go with the flow, which doesn't always work. I got there eventually though!

I think it looks rather nice!! I might even go back to my big cushion and try this edge on there....hmmmm.

And to show you something not cushion related- when the family came up to see me over the Easter holiday. The Mother very cunningly left a few parcels hidden around my room (scrimping on postage, it's just not on is it?) with dates on them, and today I could rummage through my wardrobe and open my 5th May parcel!!! This one has a summer theme and is full of edible goodies, with a few creative things as well. I shall have get cracking on working my way through it!!

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  1. What a brilliant idea, I love all your cushions.