Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sunny Seaside Stitches

Wooo!!! Sunshine!! It has been playing hide and seek for the last few days, every time I want to take a nice photo of my latest stitchy things, it hides behind a cloud!! Tsk, very cheeky.

I have been spending my time catching up on my Sew and Stitch patchwork quilt squares. The Mother has been steaming ahead with these so I am determined to catch up with her. As usual, wherever I can see areas to improve or change to make my quilt my own and not a totally copycatted project, I have been changing stitches or placement or fabrics and this is what I have done with the below square.

To make it different from the original, I have changed around the colour combinations although kept the placement pretty much the same. I have also added in a third colour thread and changed around the different thread colours.

I love the little beach hut square below- it's so cute!! Again I have changed around the fabrics, and also swapped two of the huts around.
If any readers are joining in on this quilt-a-long, then I would suggest that you add more stitching than the S&S people have said. I very much feel that they overestimate the strength of bondaweb, leaving some little pieces without a supportive stitch. I am very wary of this as areas were already beginning to lift and move during stitching- not good if the quilt is to be useable (it would constantly have bits falling off!!). So I have stitched down all areas, and have sewn the doors in white thread so that it blends in more.

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