Sunday, 9 August 2015

Mini Hexie Patches

One of the reasons I abandoned the sewing on of the badges to my camp blanket yesterday was because I received a phone call. A very important phone call (from my aunt), asking me to make three little bags. They are to put smelly soaps/pot pourri type things in so need to be made in a looser weave fabric so the smell can come through, about 8-10cm(ish), with a way of opening and closing so that the smell can be refreshed, and need to be able to be hooked or hung up over rails and handles.

After a quick scan through the wonderful world of Pinterest and to see if there is anything similar on the Internet, I have formed a sort of plan. I think a drawstring bag made of a loose calico type fabric would be good, maybe with an extra loop of fabric at the back so there are options on how to hang the bags (with the drawstrings or through the loop depending on where they are going). Of course, I can't just make a plain bag, that would be boring, so I also had a quick flick through my books of inspiration!!
I really enjoyed the making of the hexagon pieces for my hexagon quilt (still among the WIPs pile) and thought it would be really cute to have mini hexagons. These little ones are only four centimetres wide!! So sweet.

So this afternoon I have been stencilling, cutting, stitching and playing with colours. I decided on three different colour groups, so the bluey/green colours, pink/maroon colours and purple/blue/orange colours. I will start stitching them together and then I can start appliqueing them to the calico fabric and begin making the bags!!

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