Saturday, 1 August 2015

Fabric & Crochet Quilt Combo

I have found the prettiest thing!!! These photos by the way aren't mine, I have borrowed them from a variety of blogs and crafting sites that I thoroughly recommend you check out and possibly add to your reading lists for regular revisits.
The gorgeous photo above comes from one of my favourite blogs, The Green Dragonfly, written by the lovely Janette. Her Mother In Law made this 'totes amazeballs' combined quilt and crochet blanket from a kit she had, and I have totally fallen in love. It has always been in my peripheral that this is a really pretty and clever technique, and we have seen lots of tutorials of people who have added crochet edgings to pillow cases and the like, but the colour combinations of this blanket are just beautiful! Like Janette says in her blog post about it, it almost looks vintage even though it's completely new.

This has led me to research possible techniques and tutorials, colour combinations and the easiest way to make these beautiful things, and I have found LOADS of inspiration!! The above photo of the very cute Monster Fleeces for your favourite little people comes from the blog, Repeat Crafter Me, written by Sarah, and is a brilliant and simple take on the idea (something to hang on to for presents for expecting friends).

And this lovely soon-to-be-a-blanket comes from the Bee In My Bonnet Blog, written by Lori. The post about this was written a couple of years ago now so hopefully the blanket is finished and glorious, but at the time she was doing a 'Fusion blanket crochet a long' which sounds like heaps of fun!! She has links to a tutorial for this technique on her blog, which takes you to Little Miss Shabby who helps lead you through how to make these blankets if you are a little in the dark.
It seems that once you start looking, there are loads of links to different tutorials, places of inspiration and completed projects.

So, therefore, the new creative plan (once I have finished the block hexagon blanket which still needs edging, and the pencil case I would like to make, and the calico bags that I would like to try dyeing techniques on....) is to use these lovely posh Rowan cotton yarns that my lovely friend Dawn gave me for my birthday as they are thinner and smoother and just generally posher than my standard acrylic wool yarns, to have a crack at this blanket style!!
I may even splash out and expand on this colour range- I'm thinking green and yellow and orange- rainbow colours! Ooo I'm excited!!

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