Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Mother's Birthday

 Huzzah!! It has been The Mother's birthday this weekend. Yes the whole weekend apparently. It began on Thursday evening with a family meal at one of our local pubs, The Highlands. They do really really nice food and we were all absolutely stuffed to this gills!!
On Friday (the actual day) I was the only one who had to get up in the morning and go off to work. The cats were up demanding breakfast so I still had someone to talk to and I left Ziggy guarding a little present for The Mother.

 In the evening we had another family party (different family members) with presents and cake. You can see The Mother's present haul there as she blows out the candles. She did quite well this year!

Rushing around Tunbridge Wells at lunchtime looking out some last minute presents, I had cause to stop a while and stare at these amazing Doctor Who props which have appeared inside the Victoria Place Shopping Centre. Rather cool aren't they?

Saturday (Day three of the birthday extravaganza) has been a bit more relaxed as The Mother wanted to play with her presents and recover from a cake overload. I had a quick pootle around the garden, dead-heading and watering as I went. There is the first reddening tomato on my tomato plants!!! Very exciting.

This morning I also started laying out all of those badges that have been patiently waiting to be stitched onto my blanket. There are over 50 to stitch on- not a task I am looking forwards to, and I must admit, after the struggle of pinning them all on (using my quilters pins makes the job so much easier!), I only stitched four badges before giving up and giving the blisters on my fingers a rest.
It might take me a long time to stitch all of them on!

 (Before)                                                          (After)

I thought I would show you my colouring whilst I am in a show and tell mood. I had to take Tuesday off of work as I haven't been very well- a nasty virus that came out of nowhere and really hit hard. Luckily it seems to be wearing off now and I am left with a sore throat, runny nose and blocked ears, which is nothing really compared to the symptoms at the beginning of the week!
Colouring is a great thing to do when you have no energy and, curled up on the sofa in a nest made of crochet blankets, I finished of the Octopus and started an Elephant.

The weather has been really quite beautiful here today. Maybe I can convince the Parents to do a quick trip up to Firle Beacon if the weather is just as lovely after tea. I have some portable sewing I can take with me- more on that tomorrow.

Evening sunshine has such a golden-y glow. Beautiful.

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