Sunday, 9 August 2015

Drawstring Bags

I was been a busy little bee yesterday, finishing off the little bags I started the day before. The mini hexagons were all stitched up the evening before so all I had to do was iron, remove the little bits of paper and stitch them to the calico fabric.

It was actually quite fiddly to stitch on the shapes to the bag. They are so tiny it is a lot of starting and stopping and my foot began to ache after a while. I think I got the hang of it in the end.

I marked out the lines on the inside of the bag. It is just over 15cm wide and 21cm tall, allowing a 2cm seam allowance for the top (not the bottom as it was folded over at one end). The seam for the sides of the bags came on the inside of the blue lines, just skimming over a corner of the hexagons underneath, and starting at the point of the lower little line at the top.

The channel took a little bit of working out. I was a bit too hasty at the start and stitched a part I shouldn't have stitched, then had to unpick it to start again. The Mother came to the rescue with some advice, as well as some very clever ladies on Youtube who helped me through.

Great tip I discovered (also from the Youtube ladies) for sewing circular pieces, take off the embroidery table part of your sewing machine and you are left with a much narrower space that you can slot the fabric over.

My little bags!! All ready for the cords at the top.

We went out for a picnic tea (I will show you the photos from that next time) before I could finish my cords so I had to finish those up later on in the evening. The pictures are a bit rubbish to show you the final corded bags but hopefully still good enough for you to see.

I'm really quite chuffed with these little bags!! Hopefully they will fit my Aunt's brief and she can fill them with all of the smelly things she likes.

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