Monday, 5 December 2016

Elfs on The Shelf: Week One

My two Christmas Elves, Angus and Flora have settled into our household really nicely, and so far, haven't done anything too mischievous! I made Angus a little present to help keep him warm as he looked a little chilly at times. Do you like his crocheted scarf?

The scarf is made from a combination of DMC Natura Just Cotton, and Rowan Siena 4 ply which I had lying around in my wool basket. I used a 2.5mm crochet hook and made some simple striped double crochet rows, 10 stitches across. I couldn't decide on what colour I wanted to use and ended up using all seven colours, three in the DMC yarn, and four in the Siena. Once I had done each colour twice, except for the green which appears three times so I could start and end on it, I added some simple tassels either end and voila! Extra detailing was added when the colours changed as I alternated colours from the old to the new which has made it a more special stripe I think. Hopefully Flora doesn't feel too left out, although I am sure I will be making something just for her rather soon.

I am absolutely loving the challenge of the Elf on the Shelf. They move overnight you know and in the morning you have to try and find them wherever they may be in the house (lets hope they don't discover the attic!!). I am taking a photograph a day to show everyone what they have been up to and plan to post about the events on my blog at the end of each week so that you can see what they have been doing too! Here are last week's photos.

Day One: Flora and Angus are wrapping up warm in Angus' scarf- who knew it could fit two(?!), and choosing the very best mini Christmas trees. I think Flora has found her favourite.

Day Two: Only Flora is allowed to use the big scissors for cutting out paper snowflakes. Angus can't be trusted to not cut off a pigtail!

Day Three: Testing out the Christmas socks! A highly important job that one should take very seriously...Angus!

Day Four: Who ate all of the mince pies?!?!!

These Elves are very very naughty, and I expect they will get up to all sorts of trouble and mischief. Flora is definitely the more grown up of the two, but with Angus egging her on, they could do anything!!

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