Saturday, 3 December 2016

WPLUP:: Geometric Ta-Daah!!

I think last time I updated you all on my geometric blanket, I had just finished the centre panel and was trying to plan how to finish it off with a border. I did toy with the idea of creating my own border pattern to include triangular shapes, mirroring the shapes in the blanket, but in the end I stuck with the simple; working rounds of double and treble crochet stitches. 

One weekend we drove up to visit The Brother in his university halls in Guildford, and as I find crochet a soothing way to occupy a journey, the blanket came with me and I managed to finish the border in the several hours worth of driving! Such an excellent way to pass the time when you can't really be doing anything else.
The curves and points of the edge were quite difficult to navigate as they weren't true and precise turning points, just gentle curving arches. They did still need an increase in stitches but it wasn't really clear on where to put them, and in hindsight I should have put more in, especially on the very corners of the blanket as they do curl over slightly where it's tight. The 'trough's of the curve were worked with trebles and doubles worked together to create a lovely 'v' shape.

I have to say that the cat really excelled himself in the testing of this blanket. Never has a blanket been so rigorously tested for comfyness, durability and the ability for easy removal of cat hair after a long nap. Such wiggling and wriggling, kneading and clawing, dribbling and cleaning went on both during the creation of the blanket and in the final quality control checks after completion. We spent many an evening snuggled together; the cat, the blanket and I.

It was finished just in time for the sudden cold snap which has descended upon us. The days are beautiful, sunny and clear but with that brisk freezing wind whisking away any warmth the sun may be sending our way, and the nights are gorgeously starry and bright but oh, so cold! You lose all feeling in your face, which is the only thing that isn't wrapped up under layers and layers of woolly knitwear. The blanket and various others have been in constant use, building little nests from which you can safely sip hot chocolate and eat mince pies (still in the testing stage), wishing never to emerge from the colourful safe haven created.

But go about our daily routine we must, and today I found myself wrapped in said various layers, draping the blanket around the garden and frantically taking photos whilst my fingers still had the ability to do so. I love how these colours zing together in the sunshine, it is truly the best weather to view this blanket in, the gold and yellows really sing loudly, and that gorgeous bright blue is simply marvellous!

The finished edging ends on my love/hate mustard colour, as I think is fitting seeing as how it is the whole reason for the blanket to be in this colour scheme in the first place, and I used Attic 24's spot on edging as I really love the effect it gives. It isn't a wide border as it only has five rounds, but is enough I think to finish the blanket nicely.

So here we go then, a ta-daah moment. Are you ready to see my full, finished blanket?



The cat is still feeling a little possessive over the blanket I think as he decided to brave the cold with me to view the ta-daah moment taking place (he is now fast asleep and slowly sliding off my lap as I type this blog post), and as he worked so hard as well it seemed only fitting for him to photobomb.

Don't you just love where the light has landed on the corner of the blanket there? Talk about a sucker-punch for colour and pattern! The finished and overall effect really reminds me of an artist's painting I saw in the Tate Modern once several years ago, it was very similar in terms of a regimented structure across the canvas, but the colours together were amazing; the light and dark, swirling around and creating their own story and effect.
So, I hope you have enjoyed this latest installment of the Winter Project Link Up Party hosted, as always, by the lovely Jen over at Thistle Bear. If you are interested in seeing what the other members of the party have been up to, do click on the link here to go to the relevant blog post, or click on the button on the right hand side of my page. xx


  1. The blanket reminds me of stained glass windows, very pretty!

  2. A lovely range of colours in your blanket, always a satisfying feeling when you finish a blanket x

  3. This is a gorgeous blanket! You (and the cat) have done a beautiful job with the colours and pattern. It does look extremely cozy. I really like blue & yellow together, and the pops of green & black(?) really keep the eye moving around the entire piece.

  4. Wow! I thought they were patchwork triangles at first but they are teeny crochet ones. What a lot of work but a beautiful blanket. I popped here from Thistlebear. Jo x

  5. This looks great! The colours and pattern are so striking.

  6. Hi Beth, thanks for joining in with my party! Your blanket is beautiful. I've never seen anything like it, I think it's so interesting. The border looks perfect for it too. You did a wonderful job!