Sunday, 25 December 2016

Elfs On The Shelf: Week Four

It's the final week of Flora & Angus's trip to make sure that we are prepared for Christmas and deserving of a present from Santa. I shall be sad to see them go, although they do get up to a lot of mischief!

Day Nineteen: Angus and Flora seem to have misunderstood the term 'watching the box', but they seem happy with their version so I'll leave them to it.

Day Twenty: Uh oh! The Elves have been snared by the vicious tarantinselar!! It has windy tentacles that wrap themselves around you and sing endless, out of tune Christmas carols!! How will they escape?!

Day Twenty One: Happily Angus and Flora managed to escape relatively unscathed from the overly festive tarantinselar, but have decided to take it easy and recover their good spirits whilst cuddling presents under the Christmas tree.

Day Twenty Two: Angus and Flora are mountaineering...up the Christmas tree to reach the star!

Day Twenty Three: It's a gingerbread house making sort of day! You need to take the cap off that icing though Angus.

Day Twenty Four: Uh oh, report writing time! I hope the elves are saying we've been good this year in their report to Santa!

I think the Elves have done a brilliant job of making sure everything is prepared for this weekend, and I hope that you are all enjoying your big day! We shall see these cheeky monkeys return next year!! Until then!

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