Sunday, 18 December 2016

I Want To See The Moon

When I was little we had a book on our shelf called 'I Want To See The Moon' written by Louis Baum and illustrated by Niki Daly. It was one of my all time favourite books and if I remember correctly is about a little boy whose Dad is trying to get him to go to sleep with warm milk and bedtime stories and cuddles, but all the little boy wants is to see the moon; "But Daddy! I want to see the moon!!"
I think I'm a little bit like that, I love looking out for the moon in the evenings when walking home from the bus, and it often casts a silver light into my bedroom like a little nightlight keeping watch. Only a matter of time, then, before it starred in one of my stitchscapes!!

I think the moon must have approved of my choice as the day after I started it was a whopping supermoon!!! This piece is using a lot of my dark blue fabric prints and naturally I've had to specially buy some more DMC threads.... I've also taken inspiration from the silvery light the moon reflects and have been using some glittery metallic crochet yarn to embellish and stitch with which I think is working really well.

The sky is clear and starry, which I hope you can tell from all of the polka dot and spotty fabrics up there. I'm hoping to do something special to enhance the stars- glittery french knots perhaps?? I've also got a little town for the moon to watch over which I'm very excited about as it means I get to use my houses print which is really sweet. I'm so looking forwards to seeing how this one turns out!

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