Saturday, 2 December 2017

Shop Updates

It's been another week of all go and I'm grateful for the leisurely weekend. We have nothing planned. Nothing. At. All.
I was sent one of the photos taken of me and my space from last weekend's open day which I rather like, but since then the space has changed yet again! On Thursday we were back there in the dark installing a fabulous ladder bookcase I ordered. I have filled the shelves with baskets of prints, kits and cards which I hope will do well. It has also been festive-afied with my sprigs of faux holly, all ready for the German style Christmas market TWA is holding on the 9th December (11am - 4pm). I can't be there as I'm being festive with a group of Guides at a Winter Wonderland indoor camp, but please do go along and tell me all about it.

This morning I had cause to grab my camera and 'the big zoom' lens as there was a little flock of chirpy finches (Gold finches maybe?) attacking the seeds inside some dried flower heads. They were absolutely loving it! I love the colours they have, with the bright gold on their wings and red eyebrows.

In the studio I tuned in to Graham Norton and framed this little one-off mini, stretched and mounted a little commission along similar colour lines, and stretched my other commission- the wreath below. I am really pleased with how it has turned out, I think it looks really pretty and I hope that both my client and the couple this is going to be a gift for love it. I am just waiting for the frames for both commissions to arrive and then they will all be finished!

Whilst in the studio I also took the opportunity to photograph my Summer Sweet embroidery kit, which is now listed in E.t.s.y L.a.n.d should you wish to purchase one as a fabulous and unique Christmas present which will be loved and heralded as a fabulous idea!! ......................

I have also recently received six new postcard designs which are rather cool. This time round I've tested a portrait direction- what do you think?
These have now been muddled up and put into sets of six postcards which are also now listed in Etsy. See where I'm going with this? The idea behind the postcard packs is that you won't know which designs you are going to receive, each pack is different with an element of pot luck.

So, both of my shops are stocked and ready to go. Tunbridge Wells Artisans, and Etsy! I hope that you pop along to one or other of them, and maybe make a sneaky purchase?

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