Saturday, 30 December 2017

Little Spring Hoop

For the new year I am starting a few little different things. Following on from my Christmas hoop decorations which were kept in their hoops, I thought I would try some mini stitchscape scenes along the same lines. This is my first attempt in a 6" (15cm) hoop and I love its fresh, springlike look, and the plain circular frame of the hoop. It's been kept quite simple, with the emphasis on the large flowers in the foreground, and with some metallic florals for a bit of extra sparkle.

I was given some suede flat cord for my birthday which I have couched down with a row of back stitches up the centre of each piece. To this I have added some lines of straight stitch, bullion knot and fly stitch flowers, and at the top of each large stem is a multi-bullion knot flower (reminds me of Sea Pinks!).

The yellow flower print was bought at the Olympia show during the summer and comes from the Japanese print stand- one that I particularly like because all of their prints have gold sparkles in them! I thought it best to continue the gold theme as I stitched over and emphasised the flowers, so where there were gold lines, I have back stitched over in gold thread. The centre of the little flowers have been done in satin stitch, and then pistil stitches in every petal (which are essentially french knots on a stem).

Towards the 'hills' there is a lovely lace fence dividing the fields, and I have worked a combination of french knots, detached chain stitches, seed stitches and back stitches quite loosely over the above fabric, topped off with a line of bullion knots.
The white fabric has tiny little white circles printed onto it, and each one is now filled with a french knot. The raw edge at the top has been outlined with whip stitch and I have popped some little kisses in a spare background space. (The world always needs a little more love.)

These are a perfect size to pop in your bag and go, and I really enjoyed being able to pick it up at a moments notice. I'm hoping to get many more of these stitched- perhaps I could do some seasonal sets? The back of the fabric has been drawn up with pulled running stitch and I will add a secure backing with a circle of felt to finish that side, and a loop of ribbon at the top to hang it up.

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