Saturday, 16 December 2017

Elves on The Shelf: Days 7 - 12

Day Seven: The Elves seem to be pegging themselves to the washing line along with their washing! Thank goodness they washed though- things were getting a bit smelly around here!

Day Eight: I'm not sure I even want to know what's happening here! It looks like Flora is trying to crochet some Christmas presents and Angus is.... being Angus!

Day Nine: Angus and Flora have joined me at a Winter Wonderland camp with the Guides. I think they are 'helping' to put up the Christmas tree to add to the festive feeling- or they could be pulling it down....

Day Ten: Still at Guide camp, the elves have decided to write a report on all of the Guides to send to Santa in their elf post box. Let's hope the girls are all very well behaved or they will get ticked onto the naughty list!

Day Eleven: Inspired by their trip away with the Guides, Angus and Flora have decided to have a go at making their own felt stockings from the craft leftovers. (Although I think they may have been a little distracted by creating a mess instead!!)

Day Twelve: Poor Angus and Flora are exhausted after a marathon present wrapping session! The only thing for it is to lie down in the middle of all the trappings and recover. Who said Christmas was easy?

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