Sunday, 31 December 2017

Little Autumn Hoop

I've also now completed an Autumnal 6" (15cm) hoop for my new series of #inthehoop stitchscapes. I love the trees in this piece, and will definitely use this fabric again for an Autumn feel! Each colour block has been filled in with satin stitch in the closest thread match I could find. The use of blue is particularly nice against the oranges and browns, and the grey brings to mind the chilly skies that often accompany the final flourish of the year.

At the Knitting & Stitching show this year I bought a lot of Autumn inspired fabrics. The layer that has been filled with french knots (in both Stylecraft DK yarn) and a multicolour DMC embroidery thread, is actually a print of orange tipped trees so is perfect for this 'scape. I like the combination of woolly, chunky yarn in comparison with the smoother DMC thread as it creates some depth, the larger knots look like they are closer to you.

The next layer down is a Kaffe Fassett print of large flowers and petals. This I have covered in rough straight layers of stitch, some overlapping each other and following the direction of the print, fenced in with back stitch on the curved lines.

The bullion knot flowers (always a crowd pleaser) are looking a little sparse and the stems are nearly hidden away with the thin strands blending into the seed stitch background. It shouts 'end of season' and gives the nearly-dried-out look that you get at this time of the year although the flowers are still just about in full bloom.

All trees have to have twigs, and these trees have very special multi-coloured twigs as I have combined two shades of brown/gold, and a shade of grey to match the colours in the trunks. It also looks like the twigs have light shining on them, reflecting the tones of the sky.

I am in full swing with this little pieces, and have already started a sea themed piece using another Knitting & Stitching show fabric discovery- pebble print! Can't you just smell the salty air, feel the gentle breeze and warmth of the sunshine on your face as little fluffy clouds amble by, gazing down onto the endless sandy beach and frolicking waves?

Looking forwards to seeing where this one takes me!

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