Saturday, 23 December 2017

Elves On The Shelf: Days 13 - 18

Day Thirteen: Polishing plates is an important part of any Christmas run up, as any self respecting elf will tell you. Red napkins are also a key element to really get the festive feeling going!

Day Fourteen: Ooooh elves, I'd be careful The Mother doesn't catch you swinging on her handmade Christmas wreath. She will be mightily unimpressed!!

Day Fifteen: And they're off! Bounding up the Christmas tree like their lives depend on it, each one determined to win the grand prize of the Christmas star. Flora's looking good and perhaps Angus ate too many chocolates for breakfast - who will win this exciting tree race??!

Day Sixteen: Recycled envelopes and bits of wrapping paper make for great snowflakes it turns out! And all the little clippings from the snowflakes are great to scrunch into snowballs and have impromptu snow fights. I hope the elves clean up after themselves.

Day Seventeen: The elves are getting their snow on! They have magical instant snow for the Santas to play in, and are wrapping themselves up in toy stuffing. It's a giant snow cloud!

Day Eighteen: The elves have got their glad rags on for a night of star gazing. Angus has brought his star hat and Flora's got a lovely new Christmas boa. I wonder which constellations they can see?

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