Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Cat & A Christmas Tree

Good Morning All!! How is your Christmas decorating going? Our tree is now up and in full working order (complete with chocolate baubles). The cat is very much enjoying this new addition to our living room and spent quite a long time yesterday perusing all the presents under the tree, paying special attention to the stand-on-it-and-pat-it-with-a-paw-to-see-what-happens test.

I brought all my presents home in a big cardboard box which delighted him even more!! It was hilarious to watch as there was a piece of red tissue paper in the bottom and he had just come in from outside with wet paws. The dye in the paper all rubbed off and he had bright red feet!!

The hamsters are also getting into the Christmas spirit and have received their first present from the lovely Emma. Milo is especially enjoying it and loves to sit in the middle with a snack.

We have been having quite mild but wet weather recently. Although I was looking through my Dad's camera last night and came across some beautifully wintry photos that he had taken a few weeks ago on Ashdown Forest- check these beauties out!

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