Saturday, 22 December 2012

Flood Warnings


Eurgh, isn't it disgusting weather?! (Note the ghostly mark of a pigeon flying into our window- obviously very desperate to come in and shelter from the rain!)
It has been raining for what seems like days and we have to have the lights on permanently to avoid the gloom!!! My hometown is also on flood alert- as are many other towns round here. Here's hoping it doesn't flood actually on Christmas, we have lots of family to visit!

The only thing to do in a situation like this is to close the curtains, light some candles, put on a Christmassey CD (I used the new Michael Bublé Christmas one) and make some more gingerbread!


I have also been crocheting Christmas presents- except I can't show you in case they read this blog (I will definitely show you after I've given them out)! It has been lovely being able to crochet again, I didn't have any time for it whilst at uni with all the deadlines. Maybe it is time to start another blanket? What do you think?

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