Monday, 10 December 2012

Wonderful Post

I do like late lazy mornings, especially when there is eye candy post to keep you entertained!! I had such a morning today, as a special envelope arrived! In it there was a beautiful beach inspired fabric postcard by Wendy. (I haven't made mine yet, very naughty!!!)
Also, there were my Orange ATC returns....

 (By Adrienne)                                                 (By Becky)

(By Wendy)
And my Christmas Patchwork returns!!!
I laid them all out to see how they looked together. I think it works quite well. Now all I have to do is stitch them all together and hang them up!! I think a faggoting stitch would look quite nice, keeping a consistent distance between all of the cards. Recognise mine? It is the only fabric one there! Which I did find quite disappointing actually, but I love all of the cards anyway- want to see them in detail? Of course you do!!
 (By Alison)
(By Becky)

 (By Carol)
 (By Debbie)
 (By Hazel)

(By Liz)
 (By Sam)

 (By Wendy)

(By Paula)
Love it when I get exciting post!!!

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