Saturday, 23 February 2013


I went for a quick shop this afternoon- for essentials you understand- and somehow ended up with a few unexpected cuddlesome cutesomes hopping into the basket.... My new owl who I think fits in rather well with my colourful bedroom, and my new doorstop, Roo (short for Rooster) who now guards the door.

I also went and bought a cushion filler for the cushion range I am designing for Purvaai Home Decor. I hadn't looked at sizes and was only hoping and praying that the cushion filler would fit the spontaneous cushion I made yesterday. With baited breath and fingers crossed, I tried the fit when I got home this afternoon, and would you believe it? A PERFECT FIT!! As if I had carefully considered measurements and sizes... Incredible! I am better at this game than I thought! So here it is then, the first cushion made by Beth Power for Purvaai Textiles....

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