Friday, 8 February 2013

Easter Already?

Sometimes the simplest of things can make you happy. I found these felt Easter egg kits in Poundland and just had to bring them home! By the end of the day they had all been carefully sewn together and I really love them!! Of course, I do realise they are for children (especially with the pre-punched stitch holes) and that it is not yet Easter- but they were just too exciting to resist!!

I also found these hand puppet kits hiding behind the eggs, and before I knew it, they were coming home with me too!!

My little Narcissus is doing well on the windowsill, it has its first flower coming!! Not sure what really happened to the other pot plant, no matter where I put it or how much/little I water it, the leaves keep dropping off! At least the flowers are still smiling.

I should also admit to buying another pot of Narcissus which is currently living in my bedroom waiting for a tin to be put in. There are several crochet tin jackets to be made as well- maybe in my next little bit of free time.

I will leave you now with an Au Revoir as I am going to Paris on Monday for a few days with the university which I am greatly excited about!! If you are lucky I will send you all a postcard! =D x

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  1. Plants look fab Beth! My housemate and I have bought felt in anticipation of felt elephant making, we will let you know how it goes and send some pictures.
    Have a nice time in Paris! Bon Journee!