Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pre Paris

 Evening All!! I got a highly exciting package just before Paris- a secret surprise parcel from The Mother!! I was a tad miffed to have strict opening instructions and ended up watching the clock on Saturday 9th until I could open it!!

You could have cut the tension with a knife!! So exciting! Peeling back the layers to the surprise underneath...

A lovely hand coloured Chinese New Year card (year of the snake I believe)...

And a whole gaggle of goodies!!

A Chinese tradition at New Year is to give envelopes of money to their loved ones...

And my money was edible! Even better!

The Mother has recently taken up crochet so she made me these little hearts that I am going to put together and decorate!

Apparently as I was such a good girl and waited until the designated time to open the parcel, I am getting another one!! I will keep you posted on that when it arrives- too exciting for words!

Whilst The Mother has been crocheting, I have decided that it is high time for another blanket- this time a really simple stash buster blanket!

The squares are your traditional granny squares although to make them tighter I have only done one chain stitch between the triple treble stitches. I am also joining as I go which is sooooo much easier than stitching them all together at the end. The colours are randomly picked from my enormous stash of wool and the general plan is to do 10 x 10 squares and then a wide edge. It is coming along quite speedily!

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