Monday, 11 August 2014

Starting Again

We had the most fantastic moon last night. It started by creeping up above the trees, a sort of pinkish tinge to its bright gaze. But then by the time it was high high high in the sky, it was so bright it frightened away the stars and was almost like daylight! Quite incredible.

I have admitted defeat on The Sister's blanket number 1. I realised, when comparing to my previous ripple blankets, that I had used a smaller sized hook, which meant that the blanket was smaller, tighter and took AGES to complete a row!!

It was a bit painful to just stop after the hours that I put into it, but still, it had to be done!! I have now started again (The Sister's blanket, mark II) using a larger hook- 4mm- but with the same colours. I might even have to unravel the first blanket to provide more wool, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

In the above photo, do you see what I mean about the rows being a different size? The new blanket just feels a lot chunkier and airy and much easier to ripple along. All because of going up one hook size!

I have even timed myself, and whereas before it took me over an hour to complete two lengths (to make one complete colour strip), it now takes me about 45 minutes which is much better to my mind! I have a September deadline for this blanket as The Sister wants to take it to university with her, so have been spending all of my spare time crocheting away like mad! I am getting through lots of episodes of Midsomer Murders too...

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