Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Tin of Joy

Good Morning!!! I have a very colourful blog post for you to peruse through this fine weekend. A few days ago I was given this lovely Caroline Gardner tin by a very good friend, and had been planning to use it as a general storage/project tin, but then I was struck!! By a Very Good Idea!

I have hundreds of embroidery threads in various boxes, tins or disintegrating paper bags, and they are always in a bit of a tangle when I need to use them for an embroidery design so I decided that something Must Be Done!!

I bought 300 card bobbins (well you wouldn't want to run out would you?) and hand wound over 100 different threads, half of which had to be untangled and unknotted first. I wrote the brand name and the colour number when I could just in case I needed to find the colour again, although a lot of them were totally unidentifiable.

I finally wound the last thread on this morning and then spent a happy few minutes organising the colours to see if there was a kind of colour pattern forming.

I find pink quite a strange colour really. I am fine when it is an obvious pink, but then you get the pinks that are really more purple, or those that are probably more orange, but don't fit properly with the oranges. It is most frustrating when trying to organise!

I obviously need to stock up on red threads.

So I've had a bit of a colour journey this week which has been unexpectedly nice. It was one of those self set jobs that once started, are impossible to stop until finished as it nags away in the back of your head and you know it is always going to be there until you do finish it. Now it is (until I find another load of embroidery threads in a different box!) I can get on and actually start using them- I have so many ideas!!

Just before I go I would like to share some recent ATC themed post with you all. I have had some lovely returns by the lovely Wendy. A gorgeous seaside themed postcard- don't you just love the little starfish? So cute!

Sadly it ended up just being the two of us with the Sequin ATC swap so I got two of my own cards back and this beauty from Wendy. Although always nice to be able to keep my own work- I only ever make 3 cards, unlike other people who make 4 and then keep one of their own to complete a set- it is a bit sad about the lack of interest now in this fantastic hobby.

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