Saturday, 16 May 2015


I am hugely impressed by the current flower display going on with my Amaryllis. It was definitely worth the wait, the blooms are huge and very architecturally striking, with little flecks of pink when you look up close. The poor thing has been juggled around the house lately though as we have had a delivery of a new bath- currently being stored in the living room. Part of the surrounding panel was broken on arrival so instead of just sending us a new panel....they sent us another entire bath set.

What to do with two huge baths??? (I'm thinking a pond? Outdoor miniature swimming pool? Modified Jacuzzi?)

With the house being a bit of a jumble, all sorts of items living in rooms they don't usually live in and other bits waiting to find new homes, the garden is becoming a bit of a calm oasis. The bluebells are now being replaced by multicoloured Aquilegia flowers which are popping up all over the place.

In true May style, the weather is very interchangeable at the moment. This morning was really dull and overcast, although as I type this it seems to be brightening up with blue sky peeping out from behind thinning clouds. This afternoon may be beautiful and sunny, then the night full of rain. Who knows what could happen next?!

It is good for plants though, maybe May is nature's way of spring-boarding the new growth of summer plants with lots of sunshine and lots of rain. I love these spindly Mountain Cornflowers, though they sparked a bit of a debate when I asked the parents what they were. The Mother said a type of cornflower and Dad said a type of thistle, so after a bit of research, The Mother wins that round. I suppose they are a weed as they spread like mad and are not technically native to this country but they are just so pretty, and the bee's love them (when it's not raining).

 I am frolicking on the edge of my commissioned rainbow blanket, although from now on will only show you teasing glimpses of it as I don't want my friend (the commissioner) to see pictures of the finished article before I have given it to her- it will have more impact that way. I do hope she likes it. I will of course, continue taking photos as I go and will let you see all when the time is right!!

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