Friday, 29 May 2015

Circles & Roses

Good Evening All!! Yesterday was rather a lovely day weather wise. These photos, although a bit dark, were taken as I sat in the garden enjoying the last of the sunshine before walking to our local pub for a girly meet-up.
I have, as you may have noticed, started a new crochet project. It is just so therapeutic, and this particular blanket is very easy to do in little stages and on the move. You may even recognise this routine from when I have done it previously- it is of course, for a hexagon blanket!

The trusty colander is back to hold all of my little circles (such a recommended utensil for crochet lovers!! It stops your wool running away and it houses all of the little parts until they are needed. Brilliant stuff.). I started off just making hundreds of tiny yellow circles, then decided that I needed some kind of colour routine for the next few stages. Cue 'the plan'!!
For the second round I have been working ten circles in one colour, with five around one shade of yellow and five around another shade. For the third round I am working five circles in each colour and then will probably go back up to working ten circles in each colour for round four. Not sure why, I am just trying to evenly mix up the colours as best I can without getting myself into a muddle.

The growing little stacks of circles are very pleasing and I have been finding myself organising them into rainbows, shades, different combinations of colour- hours of fun!

Whilst I was sat in the garden I noticed that my gorgeous Rhapsody In Blue (Frantasia) rose is in bloom. I bought this rose at the South of England Show two years ago and it has flowered brilliantly every year. The flowers actually change colour depending on how old they are, starting from quite a bright vivid purple when just bloomed and ending up a sort of dusky grey purple at the end of the bloom-span. So when the whole plant is in flower there are all sorts of shades of purple on there.

I also discovered two juicy ripe strawberries on my little strawberry plant. They were so deliciously sweet!!! The best way to eat strawberries is straight from the plant.

And look at this gorgeous rose! I have no idea what breed this is, it is a recurring one that has been in the garden for many years and doesn't usually produce that many flowers over the summer, generally about three or four blooms. They are so beautiful with the mottled pink though.

Crochet and rose happy!

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