Saturday, 23 May 2015

This Week...

This week... 

...We relaxed in little pockets of the evening sunshine...

...Enjoyed the views over the garden and the clear blue sky.

...Finished the rainbow crochet blanket (a ta-daah on this coming soon!).

...Took the Amaryllis outside to enjoy the sun. See how beautiful the petals are with the delicate striping of the veins, and the splashes of pink.

...Enjoyed the bright acidic greens that are prevalent at this time of year. They zing really nicely against the bright pinks and oranges of the Wallflowers.

...Discovered that a colander is a brilliant vessel to put one's wool ball into so that it doesn't fling itself all over the garden.

...Celebrated Ziggy's 7th birthday. How time flies!!

...Watched little fluffy clouds puff past, sometimes quickly and sometimes barely moving at all.

...Started a new set of ATCs. I should have started these a few days earlier, they are taking longer than I expected as I keep adding new layers. It is on the theme of 'Really Flowery', and I think I am channeling my inner Marna Lunt for these, and thoroughly enjoying doing so.

...Received the 6th installment of the 12 Days of Christmas Swap. This is from the lovely Pat, who is very organised (I haven't even started mine yet!!).

...Discovered strawberries are already ripening on my (slightly neglected) strawberry plant.

...Looked on excitedly at the number of little flower heads appearing on my Hydrangea. This is going to be a fantastic year for it I think!!

...And enjoyed a little pop of colour on our garden table in the form of this brilliant Geranium.

What have you done this week?

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