Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rainbow Blanket Ta-Daah!

Sunglasses on Chaps and Chapets!! This is a super colourful ta-daah post!
I have finished my rainbow patchwork crochet blanket, and it has now been given to its new owner so I am free to share it with you all. There will be no leading up to this with tantalising balls of wool photos, I am jumping right in. Ready?


I am so pleased with how this has turned out. It's amazing how ideas just come to you when you start, there is something therapeutic and almost mind numbing (in a good way) when I crochet, it clears my head of all the stressful or mundane things and I just get the most amazing colourful ideas and inspirations. I would crochet all the time if I could, it is a much nicer creative world in my head.

Plus, I have been able to use up a lot of oddments of wool in this blanket. Anna was very relaxed with her brief so I could essentially do what I liked and with the colours I liked. The wool pile hasn't reduced by very much, but it was a start.

There are 100 squares in this blanket. 10 squares per colour group and 10 colour groups overall. They were crocheted together after being made so it has created that lovely ridge effect up and across the blanket.

The border is made up of 20 rows, alternating between a double crochet and a triple crochet row, with each colour group being represented by two of its colours..

I even added a special extra, one of the dark blue colour group wools has a sparkly thread running through it!

It is actually a rather large blanket and I can vouch for the snuggliness- the best part about making a blanket is that you get to trial run the cosiness whilst you crochet.

The colours look their best in the sunshine I think. They just pop out and glow, and work really well together. Hopefully this blanket will be used and loved for many years!

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