Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bridge Arts In Uckfield

What a weekend! I am still riding the adrenaline rush of my first big event with the Stitchscapes and feeling heart-skippy happy about how it went and the lovely comments people had about my humble embroideries. I didn't think I would be nervous, it's not like nobody has seen the work at all, but I was a bit shaky to start with- probably because we were surrounded by very talented and experienced artists who do this sort of thing all the time and know that people love their work.
I had a couple of hours in the studio on the Friday morning, framing the last couple of pieces and gathering everything together in bubble wrap. When we got to the stand I was staring at the space which looked absolutely enormous, telling The Mother that we weren't going to fill it and it was going to be a disaster! Five minutes later, having unpacked the boxes, there suddenly didn't seem enough space and that was going to be a disaster because it would be too crammed! Tension was relatively high.
Eventually we sorted it and tweaked it, and got the 'scapes hung on the wall, and I was really chuffed with how it looked! Those Hobbycraft crates which I have lined with scented draw liners really set the space off and added a great dimension to the table (we had lots of comments about those crates).
I didn't sell any large original stitchscapes, but lots of postcards and prints have been sold, and some lovely comments on social media have come in from happy customers. I also have lots of inspiration for new ideas based on the comments received; what worked well, what people would be happy to buy, what Stitchscape themes were most popular etc. So all in all, it was a big success for me, and thanks must go to The Mother for being such an excellent sales lady.

During the quieter moments of the fair, I was working on the other Stitchscape that was taken to Sorrento but never made it out of the box. There isn't really a theme behind this one, I just loved how the fabric colours worked together with the different prints, and that gorgeous green/turquoise blend. One of the comments made from one of the punters, was that it looked almost like it was under the sea- a coral bed perhaps? I can see where they're coming from but will definitely need help with naming this stitchscape for when it's finished- any suggestions?

So one craft fair down, and two more booked! (The bug has well and truly bitten.) All details will be published on my Facebook page, and under the events section on the homepage of my website; but the next event planned is for Saturday 8th July at Bridge Cottage, Uckfield, between 10am - 4pm. Hope to see you there!

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