Saturday, 17 June 2017

Saturday ♥♥♥

It's been a very productive Studio Saturday. I really love this special weekend time where I get to go into my own little stitchscape filled world, where there's just me and my 'scapes, chilling out together without a care in the world. This kind of escapism becomes even more valued after the recent horrific events in London- and the world in general- both accidental and intentional. Nothing bad ever happens in a stitchscape.

Today's 'chores' included taking an inventory of my prints in their various sizes, mounting up some more prints (after an enormous delivery of mounts yesterday!), stretching my most recently finished stitchscape (Emerald Isle), photographing the 'scapes not yet made into prints, and framing two of my larger 'scapes. So not a lot to do.... 

Someone once said to me, that the images I publish whilst stitching these embroideries, and even the photos of the finished pieces mounted, didn't make sense as an image until I framed it. It's amazing how effective a simple mount and frame around the image make it stand out so much more. I'm really pleased with how these two stitchscapes look in their frames. Poor Bluebell Woods (above) has been waiting for a while for a frame as my supplier was out of stock for a couple of weeks. I think it was worth the wait though- look how gorgeous it is now!!

Moon Flower Town looks very effective in it's black frame. I wonder if it would look as impressive if I'd chosen to use a white frame? To be honest, it had to be black, I didn't even consider the possibility of a white frame. 
After several hours hunger drew me out of the studio and home again as I'd forgotten to pack a lunch or snack, but I'd managed to achieve most of the things on my list, and had a camera full of images waiting to be edited- which is what I have spent the afternoon doing; glass of Prosecco in hand and all of the doors and windows open to let in the sunshine and gentle breeze. What better way to round off a Saturday in the studio could there be?

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