Saturday, 12 August 2017

Studio Saturday

I am still absolutely loving playing with my new camera! It makes me feel very grown up to be swanning around the garden with a camera that properly clicks in a true, camera-sounding way, casually remarking on the different settings required due to the light and the fact that an overcast day is so much better for diffused light when taking photographs.
Today is, of course, studio Saturday! It has been a bit of a relief if I'm honest to get back to some sort of studio routine as the last couple of weekends have been bonkers! Having my very own space to spread out (as far as I can considering it's not a big space!) and store my own things without anyone else touching them or having to move to get the washing out or dinner on the table, is such a pleasure. It's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders whenever I walk through the door and see all of my stitchscapes lined up on their shelves or displayed in their crates. My little oasis of calm.

And of course, as I tell you nearly every time I mention the studio, the garden surrounding it is just as lovely- and a great excuse to whip out the new camera, did I mention I have a new camera? I am astounded by the detail you can get with this little gadget, and thrilled with how it captures colour, which is an essential part of life for me.

There were a few new treasures to put in the studio this morning too- these little ceramic Welsh Leeks, bought from Waddesdon Manor, which make me smile every time I see them, some postcards for the pin board of inspiration on the wall, and some acorns (which I forgot to photograph) to fill one of my little ceramic leaf bowls.

It was most industrious all in all. I mounted and framed my Blush Sunset stitchscape (pictured below), framed my Winter Kisses stitchscape, photographed several original pieces ready to be made into prints and greetings cards, photographed some framed originals which are now listed in my Etsy shop (click here to go there) along with sets of greetings cards, also now listed.
This afternoon has been spent uploading and editing and all sorts of computer related activities necessary to keep my little shop going. I have also decided to launch a free giveaway of one of my Bluebell Woods 12" art prints, which you can enter over on my Facebook page (click here). So it is all going on!

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