Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sweet Sweet Summer

Oooh, lots more goings on in the Studio again yesterday. Those who follow me on Facebook will know all about my free giveaway which ended on Friday 19th August. I decided to say thank you for all of the lovely comments, and the support, given to me online by my lovely followers during the release of my Stitchscapes, and chose a 12" Bluebell Woods print as my giveaway prize. The winner was pulled out of a box by my Grandmother yesterday and the print will be winging its way in the post to Mexico next week. All the way to Mexico! I hope it arrives safely.

I also took delivery of and packaged up some new prints and greetings cards. These little cards were among them, as well as my Winter Kisses Stitchscape which will hopefully be part of a Christmas range of cards and prints that I'm planning on. You can have your very own set of these cards, which are 15cm square (so could also be used as a framed print itself once the card has been sent), through my Etsy shop, along with all of the other goodies you can find there.

My Winterberry Stitchscape was mounted ready for framing. I'm currently out of frames in this size though so it will have to wait until I've re-stocked. For now it has joined the others on my fabulous studio shelves and looks quite contented next to the Winter Kisses Stitchscape.

This morning I have started something quite new and exciting. It's a plan that has been churning around in the ol' brain for a little while, and I have been collecting bits and bobs for it for a couple of months. I was going to leave the plan as a surprise but thought it might be interesting for you folks to see how it develops, so I'm telling you now instead! I am working on turning this jumble of fabrics into a kit, so that you can create your very own little Stitchscape!! It's in the early stages of development, and I'm scribbling lots of notes on pieces of paper trying to figure out sizes and costs, and what to include in the kit, but I think I have the basics mapped out.

It is only a little diddy Stitchscape, in a 15cm hoop, but there is a lovely range of fabrics to play with and I should be able to include my favourite and signature stitches in here for you to have a go at. I always encourage individual ideas, so if you would prefer to use a different stitch, or swap around the stitches to different layers then I'm all for it! The fabrics will be cut into strips for you to trim to size and shape (I have made templates of the shapes I've cut if you prefer to stick to the pattern), and if you wanted to mix and match then that's also totally fine! The world is your oyster, and the hoop is your playground.

I have already titled this one as 'Summer Sweet', as it is so cute and diddy and summery. Those rich green fields and that blue, blue sky smiling over the happy nodding flowers in the foreground. Depending on how popular these kits prove to be, I may have to substitute some of these fabrics for new ones, but will always make sure that they are suitable and easy to work within the kit formula.
So, all I have to do now is to find matching threads and count exactly how much of each colour I use, think carefully about my stitches, make an initial set of instructions and ask The Mother to test run the kit to make sure it's perfect, tie it all together with a bow and set it free on the wide world! I will of course, let you know as soon as it is ready. So what do you think? Can you see yourself creating your very own Summer Sweet Stitchscape?

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